Darksiders demo coming soon

THQ trying to turn on more gamers to War's struggle for peace

THQ and Vigil Games have now put together a demo of their underachieving hack 'n' slasher Darksiders.

The demo will be available on both Xbox Live Marketplace and Playstation Network and will feature a whopping 90 minutes of gameplay from the full game.

Gamers will be able to take on the first dungeon and its impressive boss, the winged bat-demon Tiamat in the very generous demo.

"We really wanted to give gamers a true idea of the variety of gameplay that the game offers," Vigil's David Adams enthused. "So rather than just making a standard 20-minute demo version of the first few levels, we decided to give away this massive level and reveal the true essence of the game."

The demo of Darksiders will be available on PSN and Xbox Live Marketplace from February 25th.

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