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Street Fighter IV iPhone not super

Hado...you control this game?

Street Fighter IV is being scaled down for release on iPhone and iPod touch, though questions about the game's controls could leave this adaptation less than super.

IGN broke the story, providing first details on the game's graphics, controls, and playable characters. Ken and Ryu are the only two confirmed cast members so far, though a "large roster" with characters from the console games is promised.

The graphics are consistent with the console versions, however the controls aren't. In the screenshots, a multi-directional virtual control stick sits opposite four virtual face buttons. Yeah...that sounds less than ideal.

Fighters are a tricky lot on iPhone, yet the gesture-based controls of Gameloft's Blades of Fury prove it possible. The virtual button scheme of Street Fighter IV, however, has us a bit concerned.

Street Fighter IV is expected this spring for iPhone and iPod touch.

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