iPad to 'turn things on their head'

At least Team 17 reckon so

Team 17 has been talking about the sorts of ideas that they have come up with for the iPad.

Team 17's Tim Bradley told NowGamer that the iPad would be ideal for god sim games like Populous.

Bradley said: "A lot of the traditional console games have you directly controlling an avatar - gamepads are really well suited to this focused type of play. When you can touch and interact with all that you can see, perhaps it's going to make more sense to control your avatar indirectly by manipulating the world around them - think Populous, Labyrinth 1/2 and other such games."

Bradley sees the iPad changing the way games are played because the touch screen is so different from traditional game pads.

He continues: "Of course this isn't just about reinventing control systems for existing titles - games are going to have to come along that lend themselves to this style of gameplay. Perhaps this will turn things on their head a bit."

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