tri-Ace RPG in shadow of FF XIII

Two RPGs enter, only one leaves...

Final Fantasy XIII is unquestionable the role-playing event of the year, but that isn't stopping other developers from pushing their wares this spring in the shadow of the massive series.

Star Ocean developer tri-Ace has finished work on Resonance of Fate, an original role-playing game to be published by Sega a mere week after Final Fantasy XIII. Only seven days separate the two games, but there's sure to be far more distance between the two in terms of sales.

The anticipation has been growing exponentially for Square Enix's game, which obviously puts Resonance of Fate in a poor position. Of course, the March 16 release is far better than the original date that had been set: March 9, the very same day on which Final Fantasy XIII comes out.

We'll know just how much difference a week makes soon enough.

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