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Fable III is "not RPG"

Molyneux says new title is an adventure instead

Lionhead's Peter Molyneux believes that the third game in his long-running Fable series should not be regarded as an RPG at all. He describes the title as of the 'action-adventure' genre.

Speaking at X10 and showing off the third game, Molyneux offered: "I'm not sure I even call Fable an RPG anymore. Certainly not a 1990s RPG, for sure. In a way, you could look at it and say its like an action adventure.

"Theres a lot of drama, there a lot of story, there's a lot of emotion in there - but with leveling up. I love that leveling up. I'm not the sort of person that likes being given a pre-planned character and told 'this is you no matter what'."

More Fable news soon. Thanks CVG.

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