Uru online canned

Live no longer

Remember Uru: Ages beyond Myst? Well, it appears the latest instalment of the mega-selling Myst/Riven series hasn't been living up to the run-away successes of the games of yore, as Cyan Worlds (the developer) confirmed today that the online portion of the game will be dropped owing to poor subscriber levels. The online part of the title, Uru Live, was an ambitious MMOG, featuring a persistent world which was to constantly evolve as Cyan introduced new content.

Lacklustre interest in this new sociable side to the Myst series (which began life as founder of the 'interactive movie' genre) has meant that continued support for the Live component from the developer was becoming increasingly unviable. However, for purchasers of the game, the good news is that the free content to be made available online will now be released shortly for free download. More over, we're pretty sure that this is not the last we'll see of the series as a whole.

The Cyan Worlds homepage broke the news thusly:

Even with all of the time, money, resources, code, people, sweat, and heart that were poured into Uru Live, we needed a certain number of subscribers to pay the bills. We didn't get there. Uru Live is innovative and unique; its online universe is one of the most beautiful and complex ever built, anywhere. The idea of ongoing content was dramatic and forward-looking, but it required a substantial continuing effort to sustain. We were just not able to sign up the number of subscribers (even for free) necessary to pay for that effort.
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