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Existing PS3 games to get motion control

Holy motiontastic-ness Batman!

As well as the ten or so launch titles to be available for Sony's new motion controller on PS3, the platform holder will also be patching existing titles to add motion control.

Sony are promising motion controller updates for LittleBigPlanet, PAIN, Flower and Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition.

Senior VP for Sony Worldwide Studios Europe, Michael Denny told the UK's Official PlayStation Magazine of the excitement of applying the technology to both new and old franchises.

Denny enthused: "When you give our development teams exciting new technology, it's great to see the experiences they come up with. And that's both in terms of new concepts and new games, but also the application of those technologies to our existing franchises."

"We are both working on new games and looking at applications to our existing franchises," added Denny, hinting that there were more updates in the pipeline.

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