Dead Space 2 coming to portables

EA fills the void

Survival-horror sequel Dead Space 2 will be released on an unnamed portable platform(s) in conjunction with its previously revealed PS3, Xbox 360, and PC release.

Third quarter financial results for EA's 2010 fiscal year ironically announce an unannounced game: Dead Space 2 for portables. While the financial reporting doesn't say which device, it's clearly marked for "handheld" release.

It's likely a Dead Space spin-off would appear on either PSP or iPhone and iPod touch, with DS being an distant option. Publishers have been trending away from major DS releases over the last 12 months due to rampant piracy and lagging sales (the two aren't mutually exclusive).

Mediocre to poor PSP games sales point to an iPhone release, though until EA makes an official announcement, we're just guessing.

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