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Gran Turismo sales run over Forza

Just a bump in the road

Despite cocky claims by Microsoft executives, the Forza Motorsport franchise remains far behind the best-selling Gran Turismo series with only a fraction of the sales that Sony's brand manages to rake in.

Gran Turismo series developer Polyphony Digital revealed lifetime sales data for every game and the numbers are astounding. In the 13 years since the first title was released on PlayStation, well over 55 million Gran Turismo games have been sold. The latest instalment, Gran Turismo for PSP has already clocked up 1.8 million copies. That's more than the original Forza Motorsport sold on Xbox.

For comparison, all three Forza Motorsport games have sold less than 10 million copies combined--not even a quarter of Sony's series. Exactly who's in the driver's seat?

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