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The Sims celebrates 10 years

Happy birthday

The Sims series is 10 years old today, EA celebrating this milestone and revealing that the stalwart has sold over 125 million copies worldwide.

Having grossed 1.6 billion USD in revenue, The Sims is up there with the biggest entertainment releases in the world - The Matrix, Titanic, Avatar et al.

"For ten years, which seems an eternity in the games world, The Sims has been a leader. There are no competitors," Sims boss Tim LeTourneau said in a new interview.

"No one is doing what we do. That is a testament to the game that came out 10 years ago and has continued to grow and develop. It's a game that is about enabling the players to tell their own story in an incredible virtual world of their own creation. To me, what makes the game timeless is that it is a reflection of the player much more than it is a reflection of us."

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