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New Zelda to require MotionPlus

Game will be playable at E3

It has been a big news day for Zelda fans, with some interesting morsels of information surfacing about the latest Wii incarnation of the series emerging.

The first piece of news is that Zelda will be playable by E3. This means fans can get a real sense of what they will be in store for this Christmas when the new Zelda finally arrives.

The second piece of information is that the new Zelda game will only work with the MotionPlus add on.

Both details emerged in Japan's Weekly Famitsu magazine in the form of an interview with Eiji Aonuma, series director.

Aonuma said of the MotionPlus exclusivity: "I wasn't sure about this at first, but once we put that compatibility in, it felt so natural. Link's sword and your remote function completely as one, and I really couldn't imagine going back to how it was."

Thanks 1UP.

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