Sledgehammer improving map design to allow for Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare's exo

Designers add more features to add fluidity and verticality to gameplay

Sledgehammer Games has revealed four new maps for their upcoming title Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

The design of the multiplayer maps has been informed by the dynamic maps that were introduced by Infinity Ward in Call Of Duty: Ghosts as well as the new abilities that players have at their disposal with the new exo suit. The four maps are set in a wide array of locations from a remote bio-research laboratory to the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge to a prison facility in the Middle East.

What is key though is the enhanced verticality of the maps and the new ways to move around the maps. This means more windows to burst through including skylights and dynamic events like a tsunami hitting the California coast to give players new opportunities.

'Game changer' has been the key phrase throughout the presentation although much of what Sledgehammer have added with Advanced Warfare is evolutions of features that we've seen in games like Crysis and Titanfall. Still the gameplay does look more interesting and colourful than Call Of Duty: Ghosts.

E3 Trailer