EA should buy Take-Two - Scott Miller

Publisher must take another stab

3D Realms boss Scott Miller believes EA should take another shot at buying Take-Two, despite EA very publicly giving up their chase of the Grand Theft Auto publisher.

"EA really does need to broaden the number of game brands it can rely on - big hitters like a Call of Duty, Gears of War, GTA, and so on. What's the real shame for them is that they were vigorously pushing for new brands during their recent heyday of soaring stock and untold riches," Miller explains to Gamesauce.

"Like so many other market leaders, they rested on their laurels while Activision - doing its best Avis impersonation ("We're #2, but we try harder") - out-EA'ed EA.

"EA's only chance, in my opinion, is to acquire Take-Two and add GTA, Max Payne, Duke Nukem, BioShock, and Civilization to it's lineup. In fact, they tried acquiring Take-Two already last year. They need to try again."

What are your thoughts on this, players?

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