Futuristic Cities Of Tomorrow expansion arrives for SimCity

First major expansion arrives for SimCity

A whole host of brand new content arrives to SimCity today courtesy of the Cities Of Tomorrow premium expansion pack.

SimCity mayors will be able to jump ahead in time and carefully build their city balancing the twin compulsions of green and greed to craft their own vision of the future.

Maxis Emeryville GM Patrick Buechner said, “MegaTowers, futurization, and the battle between Green and Greed, these are the main foundations that drive an all-new experience in SimCity Cities of Tomorrow.” Futuristic Cities Of Tomorrow expansion arrives for SimCity

He went on, This expansion pack completely transforms how you play as you tackle the problems of tomorrow using plausible future technologies. But that technology comes as a price – the clean utopian world of The Academy requires a wealthy workforce that demands a higher style of living. OmegaCo, while extremely profitable, will take its toll on your Sims as the factories devour your natural resources and spit them back out in the form of harmful pollution. There is a new level of challenge waiting for you as the world pushes you back harder than ever before. The city of the future awaits; how it takes shape is up to you.”

The new expansion is available to download on Origin from today for the PC and Mac for 24.99 GBP. Players with the expansion will still be able to play online alongside those that don't have the expansion yet.

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