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No compromises in God of War III

Sony gives Kratos everything they've got

God of War III's director, Stig Asmussen has spoke about how they wanted to avoid compromising when bringing to life the final act in Kratos' story of revenge.

In an in depth interview with GamesTM, Asmussen admitted that only the PS3 would be able to do what they had envisioned for Kratos' final meeting with Zeus.

Asmussen said: "When we set out , we were looking at the PlayStation 3 and it was pretty clear that we'd be able to pull this off but we wanted to make sure we didn't compromise anything.

"Once getting into areas where we're feeling that we're going to have to start using smoke and mirrors and start to fake things then there's no point in doing things at all," added Asmussen. "That was our goal - to do it without compromise."

God of War III hits the PS3 in March.

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