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BioWare messes Mass Effect DLC

Galactic problem

As if problems with the release of Dragon Age: Origins downloadable content weren't enough, BioWare had troubles with Mass Effect 2 downloads appearing early on Xbox Live - so early, in fact, that the game isn't even available yet.

Joystiq caught the content before it was hurriedly removed from Xbox Live Marketplace. The early launch was obviously unintended considering Mass Effect 2 doesn't go on sale until tomorrow (in the US).

What's worse, however, is that the content was listed as free. For a brief moment in time, the supposedly free-but-you-need-to-pay-an-access-fee content was actually free.

That's over, though, and you'll need to pick up a brand new copy of Mass Effect 2 starting tomorrow in order to avoid having to shell out an additional 15 USD for the previously free downloadable content.

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