Mass Effect 2 is "critic proof"

Is it really that good?

BioWare's Adrian Cho has made the ultimate commitment to the quality of their new epic, Mass Effect 2.

Speaking to Gamasutra, Cho said that every attempt has been made to critic proof the next episode in the exploits of Commander Shepard and his crew.

"Every area needed improvement. We knew what we wanted to change right away. But the other part of the equation was actually taking all the feedback - I'm not saying some - absolutely every feedback from press and the fans, and collating all that into a huge list," said Cho.

He added: "We wanted to make sure that absolutely every issue that was brought up was addressed... so the press had nowhere to go, and all the critics had nowhere to go, because we had made an attempt to hopefully address all those issues in some capacity."

Mass Effect 2 will be out this Friday on PC and Xbox 360.

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