'Free' Mass Effect 2 DLC at a cost

No such thing as a free lunch

Attempting to discourage in advance sales of used copies of Mass Effect 2, EA has placed a premium on its downloadable content network for those not buying a new copy of the game.

The 1200 Microsoft Points charge effective renders the "free" downloadable content portal as a premium. Paying for access to the Mass Effect 2 Cerberus Network and claiming that the content within is free seems rather disingenuous.

At least the downloads are worthwhile. Bitmob reports the first batch offers Normandy Crash Site mission and a new character, Zaeed the bounty hunter.

Of course you can get around paying for access to the DLC by just picking up a brand new copy of Mass Effect 2. Given that it comes out on Tuesday, there's not much chance of picking up a used copy anyway.

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