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Crackdown 2 will get a demo before release

Ruffian ramp up

James Cope, of fledgling Dundee developer Ruffian, has been talking up their debut title Crackdown 2 in an interview on IGN.

The biggest news was that there would be a demo winging its way to Xbox Live marketplace before the full game makes it to stores later this year.

Cope said: "You can definitely expect a demo to hit Live before the game is out but I can't say when that will be... yet."

Ruffian is an offshoot of staff from the phenomenally successful Realtime Worlds, the company that developed the first Crackdown game.

Cope was very positive when asked about how the pressure of expectation has weighed on the fledgling studio: It's been hard, but it's been very empowering and rewarding for all.

He added: "Despite all the risks and challenges the team is doing itself incredibly proud. It's a superbly talented team and in some ways we've been lucky, but underlying it all is that it's a very hard and painful slog, which the team deals with brilliantly. Other than simple effort, it's also been funny, enjoyable, spectacular and an experience to treasure."

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