Wii takes December NPD crown

Massive end to 2009 for Nintendo

Nintendo have stopped dead the presumed rot, posting huge Wii and DS sales over the key Christmas buying month of December.

The latest figures out of the US reveal that the Wii was comfortably the month's best-selling system with 3.81 million units shifted, followed by the DS with 3.31 million.

The PS3 was next with 1.36 million, closely followed by the Xbox 360 with 1.31 million. The PSP topped 654,000 sales during the month, followed by the PS2 with 333,0000.

"Wii, Nintendo DS Lite and Nintendo DSi combined to sell more than 7 million units in the month of December alone," beams Nintendo VP Cammie Dunaway. "Clearly there is overwhelming consumer demand for fun games, motion controls and value.

"This remarkable hardware sales surge presents a tremendous software opportunity for Nintendo and its third-party partners as we head into 2010."

Sony and Microsoft, meanwhile, chose to focus on their 2009 successes overall - both rivals claiming "great" and "breakthrough" years respectively.

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