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Memory Cards enter Nintendo DS

Coming to light...

The recently confirmed Nintendo DS continues to take shape, as an interesting report on 1up.com today draws upon word from Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu on the latest news concerning this bizarre if intriguing contraption. Unlike the cartridges used in Nintendo handhelds, the DS will apparently be using something a little smaller by way of storage media, something like a memory card to be precise.

Using a mass storage-style card, used in a plethora of other devices such as MP3 Players and Digital Cameras, would allow Ninty to keep costs down and make for easy production. The piece also covers other issues surrounding the DS, such as the undecided backwards-compatibility with the GBA, hopes for wireless connectivity (news on which is coming at E3), that the DS will use a rechargeable battery a la the GBA SP, Shigeru Miyamoto is involved in game development for the platform, finally that pricing may come at E3 - though fluctuations in LCD screen costs could equally mean that we'll have to wait for the summer for conclusive word. Phew.

All in all, an interesting read.

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