List of crazy Mega Man 10 bosses

It rocks, man

Sheep Man was only the beginning - Capcom has unveiled the entire roster of bosses in its retro digital download-only sequel and they're equally as nutty.

The Mega Man Network has deciphered the pages of Japanese magazine CoroCoro for details on all 8 bosses appearing in Mega Man 10.

Joining the illustrious Sheep Man are the icy cool Chill Man, eyebrow-raising Pump Man, and plainly titled Blade Man. Pump Man apparently wields a water shield (huh?).

Also joining the list are Strike Man, Commando Man, Nitro Man, and Solar Man. Strike Man has the ability to throw "a powerful fastball," whereas Nitro Man can "transform into a motorcycle."

Mega Man 10 is expected sometime in March.

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