Games ratings meaningless to UK parents

No surprises here then

A recent consumer poll showed that 39 percent of parents allowed their children to play games outside their age range.

Discount website, MyVoucherCodes, who carried out the survey were further surprised to find that out of that 39 percent - a quarter of those parents - even played the unsuitable games with their children.

It is not all bad news for games ratings however, as the survey showed that far less parents paid no attention to games ratings than films (53 percent) or music with explicit lyrics (66 percent).

Managing Director of the site, Mark Pearson had this to say on the results: "I was surprised by how many parents have actually allowed their child to watch a film, play a game or listen to music knowing that they weren't old to do so. I think that every child is different and what is right for one might not be for another."

He added: "I do think that ratings are there for a reason, so parents should execute some caution on deciding what they should expose their children to."

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