2009 second-best year ever

For the UK games industry...

According to ELSPA director general, Mike Rawlinson, The UK's games industry saw its second-best year on record after 2008.

Rawlinson was happy to announce that UK consumers spent 3.311 billion GBP on video games products, which was down almost 700 million GBP on 2008's record figure of 4.031 billion GBP.

Aside from the credit-crunch, Rawlinson also cited the industry's maturing for the reduced sales in 2009.

He said: "The UK videogames market is maturing - we are not seeing such explosive growth as in 2008, a sure sign that the market is coming of age. Consumers are shopping smarter and gaming is becoming more widespread across all demographics - this is demonstrated by the fact that a videogame (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2) topped the Amazon best-sellers chart for the first time in 2009."

Despite the reduced sales Rawlinson still saw plenty of positives in the data adding: "Thanks to continued innovation from games publishers and developers, opening up new types of games and gaming methods, more and more consumers are becoming gamers and the industry is reaching new audiences."


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