AM2 boss waxes lyrical

GTA, Virtua Fighter, OutRun 2 et al

A brand new interview on GameSpy today engages in some surprisingly fascinating dialogue with newly appointed Sega AM2 boss Makoto Osaki. In the interview, Osaki confirms that OutRun2 may be ported to the Xbox, though pretty much ruled out any other platforms, and admitted that the strong rental market beyond Japan is also a concern.

He also revealed that Virtua Fighter 5 is currently in development at AM2, adding that "We do not intend for Cyber Generation to be a 'replacement' for the original VF series. It is something that will coexist beside the original series and hopefully introduce more people to it." Those seeking more details on this, and the big man's views on OutRun2, and the like, should check out the interview pronto.

Moving on to the more juicy stuff, Osaki also iterated his support for the under-fire Grand Theft Auto, stating his appreciation for the series' well-crafted design.

On the controversial lawsuit-inciting "Kill the Haitians!" line, he commented: "I think these are important parts of the story and ways in which the game's narrative is presented," GameSpy were told. "It's definitely not something suitable for children though. That's what the game ratings are for," adding in conclusion that "[Bowling for Columbine] shows that a lot of violence is sociologically based instead of the fault of things like games, books, or movies."

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