No DLC for Darksiders

DLC faced an early axing...

Darksiders creative boss, Joe Madureira, recently spoke to Eurogamer of all the challenges Vigil Games faced working on their first title.

Madureira admitted that, from the outset that there was no plan to expand the game with DLC. He also confessed that they just didn't have the resources to build any multiplayer elements for Darksiders.

He said: "We realised early on that we wouldn't be able to pull off the scope of game we wanted to and have it be multiplayer. We were a new team building new tech and a new IP. We had our work cut out for us."

For those anticipating Darksiders, the creative lead did have reassuring words.

"Vigil has a very strong all-or-nothing mentality," he explained. "If we're not confident we can pull it off, we're not doing it. So we focused on making the most kick-ass single-player game possible."

The heavily comic-influenced Darksiders will hit shops in the UK this Friday and will be available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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