Bad Company 2 "deeper" than Modern Warfare 2

Can EA and DICE slay the FPS giant?

Battlefield: Bad Company 2's producer, Karl-Magnus Troedsson went some way to reassuring gamers that the game will offer a more comprehensive experience than other shooters, including Infinity Ward's behemoth.

Speaking to FPS Gamer, Troedsson stressed how Bad Company 2 will place more emphasis on teamwork than ever before.

Troedsson said of the current crop of multiplayer FPS games: "A lot of the other shooters are still actually in team deathmatch mode - they have tons of different game modes, but they all one way or another are just people playing to get the maximum score."

"This game is deeper," he enthused. "Battlefield has always been deeper, and that's due a lot to the gameplay. Like for instance you can heal each other, you can give each other ammo, you can revive each other - we've got the shock paddles in now."

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will see its European release on March the 5th.

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