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Left 4 Dead available in 8-bit?

Prepare for a zombie apocalypse NES-style.

In an interesting twist on the Left 4 Dead franchise, indie developer Eric Ruth has produced his own 8-bit spin on Left 4 Dead.

The game, called Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead, is a carefully-crafted NES-style re-imagining of Valve's zombie-holocaust co-op shooter.

In an interview with Big Download, Eric Ruth said of the port: "It's coming along even better than I expected. Of all the bugs, and problems my QA friends have reported, "fun" was never an issue. In fact, the guys have called this my "best game yet." It's very flattering."

Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead can be played either in either single player or two-player co-operative modes and is available for a free download.

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