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MS talk up Xbox Live Natal double act

Exec inspired by new tech

Speaking to Game Informer, Microsoft Xbox Live chief Marc Whitten has said that the combination of Xbox Live with the new Natal motion control system could be groundbreaking.

"I think Natal is going to be a really magical thing and Natal plus Live is going to be groundbreaking. It's going to be groundbreaking in games and groundbreaking in how I think about entertainment," Whitten enthuses.

"Live is at the core of everything we do. I think you're going to see us doing the same thing with Project Natal. We're continuing the journey of how do you make the user experience as simple as possible for the broadest possible audience. You probably saw a little bit in some of the videos we had at E3. I think you can see our passion and where we want to go."

So, no specific details, but Microsoft are clearly plotting something. Natal is due out later this year.

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