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Connections issues in MAG beta

That's what betas are for

As promised, Sony has opened up the beta for its massive online shooter MAG to public play; however, early reports tell of connection problems, server quirks, and other issues that are making the road to the game's January release rocky.

The official PlayStation Blog details the steps to set up the beta on your PS3, though further reading of the comments posted on the story are even more enlightening.

Complaints of disconnections abound, but as one commenter with the handle Z3M0G put it, such problems are to be expected.

"So we may be seeing lag and server connection issues for the first time. But that is the point of this beta... to make sure all these issues are ironed out by release day."

Hopefully they're resolved soon since MAG is slated for release on January 26 and 29 in the US and UK, respectively.

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