Mass Effect 2 save data detailed

Don't overwrite that save

BioWare has finally divulged details on how to import save data from a completed Mass Effect play through to the upcoming sequel, providing hints as to potential plot twists and bonuses unlocked as a result.

Community coordinator Chris Priestly explained in a Christmas Eve post on the BioWare forum that up to 11 saved games can be imported from the first game for use in Mass Effect 2.

As previously announced, key plot choices made in the first game will have an impact on the story in Mass Effect 2; however, you also receive bonuses based on the level of your characters marked in the saved game. "For example, some of these bonuses include a monetary boost at the start of the game or additional research resources for use at the Normandys Tech Lab," Priestly writes.

Additionally, you'll be allowed to change classes when importing a save file without affecting the plot or bonuses.

Mass Effect 2 will be available January 26 in the US and January 29 in Europe.

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