Sony already plotting PlayStation 4?

Insider reveals multi-core plan

While Sony must hope that the PS3 enjoys a long and healthy lifespan if they are to ever see their investments in the console repaid, rumour reaches us that the firm could already be thinking about the PlayStation 4.

Kotaku cite Japanese site PC Watch as learning of development work on the system from a Sony insider, with an alternative approach to the PS3 on the cards.

Apparently, a multi-core design is under consideration, Sony hoping to make the new console easier to develop for, following complaints from developers about the PS3.

Cell and Intel based systems were ditched in favour of the multi-core stance, as was something called a Synergistic Processor Unit - although that sounds like something from A Space Odyssey to us.

According to speculation, all the three major platform holders are secretly working on new hardware, while a new console tales about 24 months to create according to this rumour.

New hardware from one if not all of the big three is possible in 2012 or 2013 most likely. That's, like, the future.

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