Final Fantasy boosts PS3 in Japan

Big sales post-RPG launch

Having sold well over 1.5 million copies, the release of Final Fantasy XIII has given the PlayStation 3 an unsurprising boost in Japan - according to last week's sales numbers.

During launch week, PS3 hardware sales tripled over the previous week, the system achieving sales over nearly 240,000 units - that's in just one week.

The Wii also had a great week with the Christmas / New Year period fast approaching, the console selling nearly 192,000 units.

The DSi was third with sales of 95,000.

Then there's the PSP with nearly 80,000, followed by the DSi LL with 75,000 sales, the DS Lite with nearly 13,000.

The Xbox 360 was well off the pace with nearly 9,000, ahead of the PSP Go (3,000) and the PS2 with just a couple of hundred sales less.

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