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Leading Democrat attacks GTA

Politics enter gaming once again

One of the front-runners in the Democratic presidential race Joseph Lieberman, returned to one of his pet-hates on Sunday, attacking the 'excessive' use of violence and sex in the entertainment industries of the United States. Lieberman singled out Take 2 Interactive's Grand Theft Auto series for particular criticism; tapping into a popular vein of thought held much of middle America, which blames the influences of such titles for the ills of society.

Despite the game being certificated, the best-selling series was attacked by the politician during an address to a women's forum at Dartmouth College. "You ought to see one [game] called "Grand Theft Auto," he said. "The player is rewarded for attacking a woman, pushing her to the ground, kicking her repeatedly and then ultimately killing her, shooting her over and over again."

"I call on the entertainment companies -- they've got a right to do that, but they have a responsibility not to do it if we want to raise the next generation of our sons to treat women with respect."

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