Duke Nukem Forever killed by perfectionism

RIP Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem Forever has passed into video game legend now but it transpires that the game died because its creator needed it to be the next 'big thing'.

Former 3D Realms employees have spoken to Wired about the sad demise of the series and its creator's quest for FPS perfection.

Paul Schuytema worked on another 3D Realms title, Prey. He said of George Broussard, creator of the Duke Nukem series: "George's genius was realizing where games were going and taking it to the next level. That was his sword and his Achilles' heel. He'd rather throw himself on his sword and kill himself than have the game be bad."

During its production lifespan Duke Nukem Forever was developed using no less than four different engines including the first two iterations of Epic's Unreal Engine with Broussard continually changing as the FPS genre evolved.

After playing the original Half-Life he was heard saying by another employee: "Oh my God, we have to have that in Duke Nukem Forever."

Sadly, it was this perfectionism that led to endless delays and the eventual legal action taken by publisher Take-Two that caused 3D Realms to close its doors and dashed any hopes of Duke Nukem Forever ever seeing the light of day.

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