EA back on top in Europe

And with good games too...

EA have announced proudly that they have reclaimed the crown as top European games publisher from Nintendo.

Speaking to MCV, senior vice president of European publishing, Jens Uwe Intat added that they are confident that they will keep the top spot despite Nintendo's strong Christmas line-up.

Intat said of their new position: "We actually lost it to Nintendo in 2008 but we've gained it back and we'll have to see if we can hold it until Christmas, but we're confident we can. Across Europe we're tracking at about 19 per cent market share, which is two points up."

This was largely down to a strong line-up including titles like Dragon Age: Origins as well as a resurgent FIFA franchise. He also spoke of the state of the European games market after the recent financial turmoil.

He said: "I have to say we've been a little bit disappointed. When we were planning 2009 we were looking at market growth of around 5 per cent in packaged goods, but what we've seen is a decrease of about 10 per cent."

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