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Producer: BioWare can get more from Xbox 360

We haven't peaked yet - Cho
Mass Effect 2 producer Adrien Cho recently had a chat with CVG in which he spoke about the power of the Xbox 360 and his hopes for the future. From what he said he feels that they are continually improving their development for the system and have not yet hit a ceiling.

Regarding the production of ME2 on the 360 Cho had this to say: "For this game, we've squeezed even more out of the Xbox 360. Mass Effect 1 when it came out I think represented this watershed moment; it was a benchmark, it was really innovative in many ways. But we knew at that time there were many ways in which we could improve, it's just time limitations. So given two more years of development our artists, engineers and programmers have learnt how to extract more out of the engine."

Cho went on to discuss the lifespan of the 360, giving it a few more years of viable use and on that note added this:

"this game will represent I think hopefully one of the first games of the second generation; the second coming of developers who are now even more familiar with this technology and I'm really looking forward to seeing some incredible games coming out in the next few years."

If Cho's feelings are correct than we could see a lot of great games upping the ante in the next couple years. Let's hope that's the case anyway. It will certainly be interesting to see the development gap from Mass Effect 1 to its sequel. This will likely give a clearer picture of what Cho is talking about. Come back soon for more updates as we get them.

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