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Half-Life 3 trademark and dev team mentions surface

Valve has around 56 people working on the game seemingly

After making a no-show in Valve's big week of announcements Half-Life 3 has appeared in a couple of interesting places.

Firstly a European trademark filing for Half-Life 3 was spotted at the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market filed by patent and trademark lawyers Casalonga & Associes. Interestingly enough the trademark was filed on the 29th of September the Sunday after the big three announcements.

Next Valve's User Picker software randomly became accessible at the weekend giving the public access to their staff database. This apparently showed two active Half-Life 3 development groups with ten in the core team and 46 in the extended team. Half-Life 3 trademark and dev team mentions surface

With Valve announcing their new plans to conquer the living room with SteamOS, Steam Machines and their new cutting edge Steam Controller the next logical step would be to have Half-Life 3 and possibly Left 4 Dead 3 in development to complement their launch.

This would definitely give Valve's new plans for Steam a leg-up would it not?

Thanks NeoGAF and Gematsu.

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