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PlayStation Home gets its first MMO

Freemium hits the consoles

Today sees the launch of an MMO that is accessed through PlayStation Home. Sodium is an arcade-style shooter that is built on an MMO design.

Sodium is accessed via a teleporter in the Home hub and hosts an array of free-to-play minigames. The game itself costs 4.99 USD and consists of 50 levels and, once purchased, can be launched straight from the hub. The first five levels are available to play for free.

Playing Sodium wins players credits, which can then be used to purchase items for Home avatar upgrades and in-game items.

This is the first time that PlayStation Home will feature micro-transactions and Sony are hoping for it to be a success.

Director of PlayStation Home, Jack Buser, elaborates on the unique project: "For one, we've never seen an arcade experience quite at that level before, just for starters. And then to wrap that into an MMO framework and improve retention and bring these social gaming trends, and importantly business models, to a console, is really, really huge stuff for us."

Thanks Gamasutra.

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