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Sony close to breaking even on PS3

Close, but no cigar...

According to research carried out by iSuppli, Sony are now extremely close to breaking even on production costs of the PlayStation 3.

The original 60Gb model saw Sony losing 141 USD per machine sold back in 2006. It was widely publicised that the new slimline PlayStation 3 saved Sony as much as 70 percent on production costs.

ISuppli broke down the components and manufacturing costs for the new 120Gb PlayStation 3s and found that each machine cost Sony 336 USD to produce. This is a massive 504 USD reduction in manufacturing costs of the original 60Gb model which cost the electronics giant 840 USD to make.

With the 120Gb Slim PlayStation 3s now selling for a measly 299 USD Sony are now losing only 36 USD per unit.

It is a good job for Sony that they have been flying off the shelves this festive season.

Thanks Gamespot.

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