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God of War III in polishing stage

Now in beta

With just three and a half months to go before its March 2010 release, God of War III is nearing completion and undergoing thorough polishing at Sony's Santa Monica offices.

Interviewed by PlayStation Blog, Sony director of development John Hight explains that the game hit beta at the end of November, signaling the completion of game design and start of polishing and fine tuning.

"We're doing a lot of playtesting [sic], tuning the game to make sure that it's fun, got the right level of complexity and of course optimized so it runs super-smooth," Hight says.

Such an early beta for a single player game is unusually, which could give weight to rumours of multiplayer in God of War III. Of course, three months of polishing could also lead to this new instalment to be as exemplary as its predecessors on PS2.

God of War III will be available in March.

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