GameStop inspired by big sales

Retailer boasts of strong seasonal start

GameStop has released figures for its November 2009 new game, sales and things are looking good for the firm. Fifteen percent better than last year, in fact.

Gamestop VP Tony Bartel had the following to say on the matter: "While some indicators say that new software sales are declining, we are excited to be able to roll out robust offers and incentives to help maximize shoppers' budgets. In November of 2009, we bucked the trend and have continued to gain market share. In fact, our US stores saw a 15 percent rise in new software sales."

Much of the improvement can probably be attributed to some of the hefty Black Friday sales the store hosted, even for the week leading into Black Friday. The stores press release did not give specifics on what games enjoyed heavy sales, only a list of suggested holiday purchases for the gamer in your life. Thanks for the info VG247.

More info as we receive it.

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