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Sony continues losing money on each PS3

Slim design closer to the right direction though

For every PS3 sold Sony is losing money. This statement may sound very bad for the company, but it may not be as bad as it seems. It appears the company is trimming the cost of manufacturing ever closer to a profit, and may get there in the near future.

According to iSupply, the estimated loss for every new PS3 Slim is around 31.27 USD, a price which does not factor in software and box contents which implies an even larger sum. This can add up when you sell millions of consoles, but is an improvement over the original designs estimated loss of around 49.72 USD.

Sony make up many of these costs through the sales of games, royalties and the like, but of course it would prefer not to post any loss on systems (like Nintendo). Sony are working towards selling into the black slowly but surely and if they can hold their price and drop their cost a bit more they may even make it sometime next year. Good luck Sony.

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