Warcraft movie gets early plot details and a release date

It's aiming for a Gladiator-level of grittiness

One of the major highlights of this year's BlizzCon is the Warcraft movie panel hosted by Blizzard's Rob Pardo and the films director Duncan Jones.

The movie is due to go into production in Vancouver next year and Rob Pardo started off the panel by giving the exciting news that they actually have a release date for the film.

Talking script, first Duncan Jones explained that the initial script he read was very Alliance-centric and He felt that the story needed to tell the story of both sides and how there are heroes no matter whether they're in the Horde or the Alliance. Warcraft movie gets early plot details and a release date

Jones added, “For me Warcraft was an opportunity to involved with something that I actually gave a sh*t about and I really wanted it to be what I had loved when I was playing the game.”

The movie will visit iconic locations in Azeroth like Draenor, Ironforge and Dalaran and the hope is to translate the main star of World Of Warcraft which is Azeroth from the game to the big screen.

They also gave a way a few key plot points. The film will tell the origin story of the first contact between Lothar and Duratan which is a huge moment at the beginning of the Warcraft lore.

The film is due for release at Christmas 2015 going head-to-head with the new Star Wars movie.

Rob Pardo and Duncan Jones promised as lot more details and news for next year's BlizzCon.