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Huge November PS3 sales predicted

Thanks MW2

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter is projecting massive PS3 hardware sales for the month of November ahead of definitive data from NPD Group later this week.

Pachter says expect a figure in excess of 700,000 units for last month - that's a jaw-dropping 85 percent increase from last year. What could possible spur such interest in PS3?

Modern Warfare 2. Activision's blockbuster title may have been a major selling point for new PS3 buyers. Multiplayer gaming is free on PS3, whereas a subscription is required on Xbox 360. Not having to pay to play online may have motivated new PS3 purchases.

We won't know the breakdown of how many copies of Modern Warfare 2 have been sold on PS3 versus Xbox 360 for a couple days yet, but Pachter expects the combined total to be in the neighbourhood of 6 million copies. We'll naturally have a full report when the numbers hit.

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