New Tomb Raider to include multiplayer?

Crystal Dynamics hiring for new direction

Rumours abound today that the next instalment in the Tomb Raider series could include a multiplayer mode - marking Miss Croft's first foray into the realm.

Speculation regarding the matter was well and truly sparked by a new Crystal Dynamics job advert, which seeks a multiplayer designer with over five years experience on triple-A titles for next-gen consoles.

Square Enix Europe have yet confirm the existence of a new Tomb Raider title, but a new game is inevitably in the works with both Eidos and Crystal Dynamics having spoken of a 'reboot' in the past.

Given Uncharted 2's multiplayer success, it is also likely that the designers of the new game have been eying that title with interest - given the critical and commercial success enjoyed by the PS3 exclusive. More on this soon, we hope.

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