DSi LL sales slow in Japan

But Nintendo still looking strong

The DSi LL made an outrageously good start in Japan, initial weekly sales topping an impressive 100,000 units - although last week the new look handheld's total dwindled somewhat.

According to the latest figures in from Japan for the week ending November 29th, sales of the DSi LL reached over 67,000 - ahead of the Wii which was second with nearly 47,000.

The PS3 was a mere 100 sales behind on well over 46,000, still, the PSP fourth with nearly 39,000.

The DSi, meanwhile, managed sales of over 37,000 - the DS Lite off the pace on 7,000. Then there's the PSP Go on a medoicre 4,000, the Xbox 360 on over 3,000 and the PS2 last with 2,000.

More soon.

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