Schafer ignoring Brutal Legend sales

Until after Christmas, anyway

Veteran game designer Tim Schafer says that despite the availability of detailed sales data, he won't be looking at the numbers behind new release Brutal Legend until after the festive rush.

The game is widely believed to have made a sluggish start, despite strong reviews, although Schafer believes word of mouth could count in the game's favour over the long term.

"I like to give it time, you know? I think many people look too soon but a lot of games I've worked on have succeeded based on word of mouth. With Brutal Legend's multiplayer, people need to play it and talk about it, so I usually don't look at the sales number for a month or so. Definitely not 'til after Christmas," Schafer is quoted by Joystiq as revealing.

"For the most part very happy [with its reception] it's very interesting and a new experience for me to be talking to players directly. We're online with our headsets battling, and they're telling me exactly what they think about the game and it's a whole new experience for me. It's really fun to be playing on a team with other players swapping strategies and going head-to-head with people who are better than me at my own game."

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