EA Sports launch prepaid debit card

Earn reward points for games

EA Sports have confirmed the release of their own special prepaid debit card, which will allow players to earn EA Sports Rewards from ongoing card purchases.

The reusable card will give a percentage back based on purchases made using it, which will be converted into Reward Points for lavishing on games.

"The EA Sports DebitSmart Visa Prepaid Card is a great opportunity for us to offer our community of loyal customers a new way to purchase and save on their favorite EA Sports game titles," beams EA Sports marketing VP Todd Sitrin.

"Consumers use the card while making their everyday purchases and are rewarded with EA Sports video games. This program is a perfect marriage of encouraging responsible spending while providing a unique reward program."

The card works as a normal credit card - for cash and direct purchases - and must be loaded with cash prior to use.

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