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Germany to ban US version of Modern Warfare 2

BPjM to crack down on very specific selection of titles

Recently, by authority of the BPjM (that's the Bundesprufstelle fur jugendgefahrdende Medien - the German censorship board basically), the PC editions of the US Modern Warfare 2 and the UK Left for Dead 2 were announced as banned titles in Germany.

As reported by PC Games Hardware, this decision was made in November and took effect 1 Dec, 2009. It seems likely that the US MW2 was nixed due to the controversial airport level, which apparently does not appear in the German edition. That said, we have thus far not seen any official reason for either titles' dismissal.

Interestingly enough, the ban currently only affects the specific PC version of each title. Console and German versions can still be sold along with the UK MW2 and the US L4D2. A bit odd, but more rulings could be made in the near future.

Stop back in for more news as we get it.

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